Sarah Haslam - Brand voice specialist, editor and copywriter based in Perth.

Hello, I'm Sarah Haslam.

Brand voice specialist, editor and copywriter based in Perth.

I write heart-hitting, brand-aligned, converting copy that your most desired customers will devour.

And I love nothing more than solving wordy conundrums for absurdly busy people like you.

There’s such power in words. I believe they can change lives for the better (or worse)—and that goes for businesses too.

I’ve been witness to clients literally changing their entire demeanour and love for what they do once they’re clear on their brand and how to speak it so it aligns with their strategic objectives.

I work with clients across the country (and beyond). From tourism, wellness, hospitality, design, professional services and more, I’ve written words galore for some truly talented people up to remarkable things in the world.

Finding the right words to sell your business takes more than a wing and a prayer.

And it's crowded out there, so your copy needs to hit your readers square between the eyes—in less time than ever.

Words form the backbone of your business, which is a pretty hefty weight to bear, and is why they need structure, strategy, and clout.


Seo copywriting.

Be fascinating AND findable with web copy that wins the hearts of humans and feeds the SEO beasts.


If you’re at the point of the blank stare, unable to zoom out and make the final call on your copy before publishing date, it’s time to hire a professional editor.

Voice starter sessions.

Explore your voice in a whole new way—one that’s enjoyable, surprising, telling, and has the power to root out hidden assets that, undiscovered, could be curbing your brand’s growth.

Brand voice guides.

Banish the burn and bewilderment from defining your voice with a brand voice guide built from data, not hunches.

Sarah Haslam works with:


James Thompson, Creative Director | MJA Studio

"Everyone loved the process."

~ James Thompson, Creative Director | MJA Studio

“We approached Sarah after we’d done some self-reflection on who we had been as a business and who we wanted to be in the future. She expressed the importance of having a shared voice and how it would tie in with the work we did on the brand. Until we’d engaged her, we hadn’t really considered the value of distinguishing between internal and external communication.

Everyone loved the process and benefited from learning how voice conveys personality and reflects values and principles—and that just like design, language can be used for the same purpose. It was the cherry-on-top to the reflection work we’d done and it inspired staff to think more deeply about who we are, which was really positive. I’d certainly recommend Sarah if you need clarity on how you speak as a brand and business.”

James Thompson, Creative Director | MJA Studio

"Working with you was a breath of fresh air."

~ Tamara Lee, Founder & CEO | Holistic Healers Academy

“Sarah, working with you was a breath of fresh air for me at time when I was ready to hire a professional copywriter, yet at the same time I was finding it hard to hand the baton over and trust anyone else to do it. From the beginning, you made it clear I could trust you to collaborate with my web designer, and that in itself was a huge relief. You offered flexibility with my tight schedule, yet you were efficient and on time (and I never felt pressured).

The whole process from developing my voice guide and messaging matrix, to every detail of the copy was flawless. The timelines you gave were realistic, delivered quickly, and I felt you really cared and were totally invested in this project.”

James Thompson, Creative Director | MJA Studio

"I’d recommend Sarah without hesitation."

~ Pip Wilsie, Senior Designer | PipnPop

“I chose Sarah based on instincts and the good rapport we’d had when working on previous client projects. My experience from start to finish was excellent – Sarah knew what I needed from both a copywriting perspective and project management perspective.

Sarah is professional, clear in her delivery and was able to articulate my vision and objectives in a way I could never have done myself. If you’re looking for a specialist copywriter, I’d recommend Sarah without hesitation.”