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Transform banal to bewitching—hire a brand voice editor

Got copy? Professional editing in your voice right here.

When writing your own copy leaves you more doubting than definite…

It’s time to hire an editor.

One who’s a natural at picking up on your voice and can patch the potholes you’d never see yourself.

One who makes those thousand decisions as to which words go where, and why.

One who edits knowing how formatting and layout play an important role in how well you’ll sell.

And one who can see clear as day what to keep and what to chop.

If you’re at the point of the blank stare, unable to zoom out and make the final call on your copy before publishing date, then spend 15 (complimentary) minutes with me.

I’ll spot what your copy needs in an instant, combining big-picture thinking with rigorous detail. Then you decide if you’d like me to quote for your project.

Hire my hawkeyes 👩🏼‍💻

For those who want to refine and add oomph to existing copy—

I’ll pull it all into line with your brand, voice, and audience so it’s transformed into high-voltage sales fodder.

Working with businesses across Australia (and beyond), I’m a Perth-based editor and copywriter with qualifications in digital marketing, who’s also worked many years on the ground as an award-winning salesperson.

My approach is always to assess projects from a strategic, holistic point of view. That way, I can ensure each piece of written material is aligned with its core objective and that it fits with the business’s voice and style.

Depending on what you want to achieve with your copy, I consider:
  • Structure
  • Audience relevance
  • Language
  • Persuasive elements
  • Formatting
  • Grammar & punctuation
  • Tone
  • Context
  • Brand voice
  • Channel & strategy

Whether you need hardcore or minimal edits depends on (a) how clearly your voice is already defined and (b) whether the copy you want editing accurately represents your brand, objectives, and audience.

Save your brain, borrow mine.

Decision fatigue is real when you write your own copy. It takes a ton of micro-decisions to write, then edit, then proofread—and still, that nagging doubt in the background lurks. Is it on brand? This word or that? Or this part before that? It drains you of precious thinking resources that are better put to other important things you need to get done.

So, you have a few options:

1/ Hand over your brand voice guidelines.

Then I’ll transform your existing copy into heart-hitting, brand-aligned, converting copy that your most desired customers will devour.

2/ No voice guide? No sweat.

My voice guides range from featherlight to heavyweight and anyone can use them without feeling creatively restricted. I’ll help you determine which one’s right for your business then document your brand lingo. Then, when it comes to editing, future writers will find it easy to sound like you.

3/ Send your copy to me for a quick quote.

It may only need tightening with copy-editing or proofreading so it’s concise and captivating enough to convince.

My specialised editing service is for you, dear frazzled one. You who holds the fort, and maybe even built it, and simply doesn’t have a spare cell in your brain to stretch any further.

Talented teams and clever people I work with

Polish & Punch client portfolio

"I'm so happy I could cry"

~ Tamara Lee, Founder & CEO | Holistic Healers Academy

“Sarah… I’m actually so happy I could cry. It’s phenomenal! SO much better. It felt like you saw inside my brain then turned my website copy into gold. Thank you!”

"A brilliant writer"

~ Tenille Bentley, Director & Founder | ELMA Education

“Sarah is one of the best writers I know. Her ability to translate what was in my head and transform my email campaigns was incredible to see. Anyone who gets the pleasure of working with her will find that her work is always of a high standard, professional and well-considered. She is warm, approachable and intelligent. A brilliant writer and an asset to any organisation.”